liteshowerPortable, Wheelchair-accessible Shower Stalls


Caroline Y, Delaware, OH

I won my Ebay auction on Tues. afternoon and received my shipment on Friday morning. Thank you so much for getting this order to me as quickly as you did. I thought you would like to know that you didn't just sell a portable shower to me - you have made it possible for my elderly mother to spend a few days with us on Thanksgiving weekend. We do not have bathing facilities on our first floor and she has not been able to stay with us for more than 1 day for quite a while. Now she can stay here occassionally to give her caretaker a few days rest. Your prices are much lower than other portable showers I have seen. I hope you stay in business a long time - great service, great products, and great prices.

Betty C, Houston, TX
Your portable shower has been a life saver to us. Mom is stuck in a wheelchair after hip surgery. Bathing has become a problem bigger than we thought. We live in a Colonial house. All the bath rooms are upstairs. A roll-in shower costs about $9000, not including grab bars and seat. On top of that, the bathroom door is too narrow for the wheelchair to go in. Oh, there's another problem - we don't know how to get my Mon to upstairs. My husband stumbled across your product on the internet. We had doubts at first but we decided to give it a try because we're out of ideas. We setup the whole thing right after we got the package from Fedex. Hooked up the shower hose to the sink faucet in the 1/2 bath on the 1st floor. Put the shower tray and the pump in the hallway right outside the bath. Turn on the water. It was just great! Mom loves it. We love it. Thanks guys! I'd definitely recommend your products to other people.

Jodi S, West Palm Beach, FL
I rent wheelchairs and scooters to vacationers. Most of the hotels or motels here don't have wheelchair accessible showers. So I started renting your portable showers to my customers. I haven't used the shower myself but I heard good things about it from my customers. Not a single complaint so far.

Laura S, Falls Church, VA
My parents are in the 80's and healthy. But my dad broke his back TWICE climbing over the tub. Both times, he ended up in a hospital for surgery. I've considered getting a walk-in tub for them. But I'm not sure how long they'll stay there by themselves. You portable shower worked very well for them. Now they just walk in and sit down for shower. I sure don't wanna see another fall. Thanks.

David F, Lakeland, FL
My son is recovering from his auto accident. He's living with me temporarily using a wheelchair. I got one of your shower for him. It works a million percent.