liteshowerPortable, Wheelchair-accessible Shower Stalls

LiteShower's major components and how they work

wheelchair-accessible showers

Handheld shower sprayer quick-connects to faucet

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  • Shower head has 7' hose and on/off control
  • Include adapter to connect hose to a standard indoor faucet
  • Include divert valve to connect hose to existing shower
  • Faucet adapter is quick-connect - just snap the hose in and out
  • Faucet adapter needs to be threaded onto the faucet only ONCE
  • When shower hose is snapped in, water goes to the shower
  • When shower hose is snapped out, faucet goes back to normal
  • Adapter has 15/16" and 55/64" duel threads
    fits most faucets on the market
    portable wheelchair-accessible showers more on aerator thread
handicap showers You can use your own water sprayer
portable handicap shower stall

Wheelchair-accessible shower tray

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  • Patented design requires NO setup
    ready as you throw it on the floor
  • Tray is 100% self-supporting. No setup needed
  • Tray collapses almost completely flat on the floor under weight
  • Tray bounces back up automatically when weight is released
  • Has tab at bottom to hold suction hose in place
  • Can be folded up into a small bundle
  • Rugged build - you can drive your car over it
  • Made in the USA
  • We can make custom sizes. Call 1-800-561-3576 for a quote
see LiteShower Custom Model
wheelchair-accessible showers

Free-standing shower screens with sliding curtains

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  • Requires only one-time assembly with screw driver
  • Made of a pair of free standing, foldable screens
  • Screens can snap together to form a rectangle show enclosure
  • Screens can snap open and fold away from the tray
    - open and barrier-free access to the tray
  • Screens sit on the floor around the tray
  • Screen can fold from 0 to 180 degrees
  • (2) Shower curtains with hooks included
  • Shower curtains drop into the shower tray
  • Shower curtains can close / open on all four sides
  • Made of plastic pipes that never rust
  • Made in the USA
shower waste water

Automatic waste water disposal

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  • An electrical water pump runs continuously
  • waste water goes from tray to kitchen sink or toilet
  • Pump sits outside the shower tray
  • 6ft suction hose connects the pump to the tray
  • 6ft discharge hose connects pump to your sink / toilet
  • Pump can run dry without damage and requires no priming
  • Pump weights only 5 lbs
  • Pump has 6ft power cord and a GFCI adapter (UL listed)
  • Removable filter on the suction side to block out debris
  • Pump runs on 115VAC AC
  • All parts snap together via quick-connect: no tools needed
  • Pump filter needs periodic cleaning How to do it