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5 Shower Models

LiteShower Standard Model

LiteShower Recliner Model

LiteShower Tall Model

LiteShower Bariatrics Model

LiteShower Shower-in-Bed

LiteShower™ Portable Handicap Showers

LiteShower™ handicap showers are portable and wheelchair accessible showers made for people in wheelchairs, or anyone who has difficulty using a traditional shower or tub.

Our fully functional shower system can save 90% the costs of roll-in showers and walk-in tubs. Don't remodel your bathroom without knowing the alternative.

A portable shower is a shower that can be setup ANYWHERE in your home - downstairs, upstairs, in the kitchen, in the hallway, even in the bed. Warm water comes from your faucet. Waste water is pumped into the sink or toilet. After bath, you fold the shower up and store it away. When folded, the entire unit can fit inside a closet - and your house goes back to normal.

Our shower trays are collapsible - they collapse to the floor under your wheelchair but bounce back automatically. Shower screens surrounding the tray is free-standing. Once the screens are moved out of the way, getting in and out of the tray is like a breeze.

LiteShower is patented, made in the USA, and approved by the Department of Homeland Security and VA.

We offer the following models:

LiteShower Standard Model

- for a person to sit down in a shower-wheelchair or on a bench during bath. This is the most popular model we produce.

LiteShower Recliner Model

- for a person to lie down on a recliner type shower-wheelchair for bathing. Shower is 7 ft in length.

LiteShower Tall Model

- for a person to stand up in the 6' tall shower stall. This model is especially popular for emergency shelters owned by municipals and US department of homeland security.

LiteShower Bariatrics Model

- designed for a large person or a big chair, similar to the Standard Model. The shower tray of this model measures 4 ft square.

LiteShower Shower-in-Bed Model

- for a person confined in bed to receive a shower bath without leaving the bed. It can be used by anyone under 7 ft tall.

LiteShower Custom Model

- we can make any size showers for your special needs.

How does it work?

A LiteShower™ portable handicap shower only requires what you already have - a faucet and a sink. It has (4) major parts: a wheelchair-accessible tray, a pair of folding screens with curtains, a shower sprayer that quickly connects and disconnects to your faucet, and an electrical waste water pump. Initial one-time assembly usually takes about 20 minutes. Subsequent use takes only minutes.

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